Excursions in Prague

T07 Visit of Staropramen Brewery

We have specially converted our historical brewery into a captivating interactive journey through time, showcasing the unique history behind the source of Staropramen. Step inside, the spirit of Prague awaits you...

Josef Paspa, a famous head brewer working for Staropramen around year 1930 serves as a guide to visitors of the Visitor center and familiarizes them little by little with the whole process of brewing the beer as well as with Staropramen’s history.

During the tour visitors cangain a view into the history of Prague’s beer – since its establishment in 1869 up to the present. Visitors will also learn about the changes to production of this drink as the time went by and about personalities who has been contributing to the fame of Staropramen. There are many interesting things from the original brewery to be seen – e. g.: the first ever beer boiler or distribution car from 1930s. The second building includes 16 large flat screens providing the visitor with a detailed view on the brewing process.

The excursion ends with tasting the beer on a bar, which reminds of the tradition of Czech pubs.

Daily Visit    10h00-18h00
Duration:  50 minuts
Available languages: English, German, Russian
Additional services: transfer from your hotel to the Brewery and back on request, not included in admission

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    Excursions in Prague - T07 Visit of Staropramen Brewery

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    Excursions in Prague - T07 Visit of Staropramen Brewery