Laterna magika is a theatre, which for already forty-five years has been developing the principle connecting projected pictures with a live stage event. Thanks to its undisputed art quality, unusual procedures and non-existent language barrier, it has been popular in particular among foreign visitors of Prague for many years.


This performance will let you experience other dimensions of harmony of image and stage, containing fantasies and stylisations of various artistic forms, such as music, painting, sculpting and their terminal synthesis – drama.


This performance will let you venture beneath the colorful surface of the modern characters and symbols, being part of the pulsing urban expansiveness. Let yourselves be drawn into dynamic image animation and modern choreography in human stories taking place underneath that surface.



Join us on a travel through stories that seem so familiar to us, just as if we had travelled the path many a time before; stories that represent the dawn of today’s Europe. Scenic and visual design of this performance will let you live the atmosphere of the immortal ancient myth.



Let yourselves be attracted for a while at least by the vision of perfection of virtual world, where the boundaries of reality fade away unnoticed. We can easily forfeit awareness of uniqueness and irreplaceableness of the real life.


Welcome to our miraculous circus where you can join two clowns following the mysterious beauty of Venus, experiencing numerous adventures. Enjoy a performance full of perfectly attuned scenic dance, pantomime and black theatre.


This play will present one of the possible attempts to interpret the life of Giacomo Casanova, whom history has labelled a symbol of untiring and passionate seducer of women. A rich palette of music, film and dance will accompany you on a journey through a part of the life of the famous man, which stood as base for the legend.